Attending Your First Anime Convention in Zimbabwe: Do’s and Don’ts

This year, most of you be will attending your first anime convention in Zimbabwe. This is especially with the coming of OTAKUKON, the first anime convention in Zimbabwe. Conventions are fun and exciting events where you can meet fellow fans, cosplay your favorite characters, buy cool merchandise, watch screenings, attend panels and more. But they can also be overwhelming, exhausting and stressful if you don’t prepare well or follow some basic etiquette. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you make the most of your anime convention experience.

Do’s for Attending First Anime Con

Do plan ahead. Check the convention website for the schedule, map, rules, guests and other information. Make a list of the events and activities you want to attend and prioritize them. Also plan transportation and logistics in advance if possible. Pack your essentials such as ID, tickets, money, phone charger, snacks, water. Ensure that you have cash in multiple payment options as that can help as not all stalls will accept all payment models.

Do cosplay safely. If you decide to cosplay, make sure your costume is comfortable, durable and appropriate for the convention. Follow the cosplay rules and regulations of the convention, especially regarding weapons and props. Bring a cosplay emergency kit with items like bobby pins, safety pins, glue, scissors, etc. to fix any malfunctions. Ask for help if you need it.

Do respect others. Anime conventions are all about celebrating fandom and having fun with others who share your passion. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet, including staff, guests, vendors and fellow attendees. Ask for permission before taking photos or videos of cosplayers or celebrities. Don’t touch anyone without their consent. Don’t harass or bully anyone for their appearance, preferences or opinions.

Do stay healthy. Anime conventions can be physically and mentally draining, so it’s important to take care of yourself. Follow the 6-2-1 rule: get at least 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower per day. Stay hydrated and eat nutritious food. Take breaks when you feel tired or overwhelmed. Wash your hands frequently and use sanitizer to avoid germs. Make sure to get some rest between events.

Don’ts for Attending your First Anime Convention in Zimbabwe

Don’t forget your badge. Your badge is your ticket to enter the convention and access all the events and activities. Keep it with you at all times and don’t lose it or lend it to anyone else. If you lose your badge, report it to the registration desk as soon as possible.

Don’t overspend. Anime conventions can be tempting places to splurge on all kinds of merchandise, but be careful not to go over your budget. Set a limit on how much you can spend and stick to it. Compare prices before buying anything and look for discounts or deals on the last day of the convention. Always bring cash as some vendors may not accept cards or other payment methods.

Don’t be rude or disruptive. Anime conventions are meant to be enjoyable for everyone, so don’t ruin it for others by being rude or disruptive. Don’t cut in line, block the hallways, talk loudly during panels or screenings, litter or vandalize the venue or property. Follow the instructions of the staff and security and cooperate with them if they ask you to do something.

Don’t forget to have fun! Anime conventions are a great opportunity to express yourself, make new friends, learn new things and have a blast. Don’t let stress, anxiety or negativity get in the way of your enjoyment. Be open-minded, adventurous and positive. Try new things, explore different aspects of fandom and culture and appreciate the diversity and creativity of the anime community.

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