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About Anime Merch & Nakama

Anime Merch & Nakama is an afternoon event presented by Otaku Konnect as part of it’s community events that build up to the annual OtakuKon anime convention. The event is hosted with a focus around a movie watch event that gathers otaku and weebs alike.

As the name suggests, the event also features local anime merch sellers to help you get your monthly fix (or however often your itch is) of anime merch. Otaku Konnect partners with over 10 merchants and artists to ensure great variety and merch volumes at AMN events. Our main idea behind Anime, Merch & Nakama is to give Zimbabwean otaku a bite-sized event to meet, enjoy each others company and give each other the best anime recommendations.

Cosplay has now become a large part of the Anime Merch and Nakama event with a guaranteed cash Prize of $50 at every AMN event. As further acknowlegment of the community and it’s needs, gaming tournaments have also been added to AMN.

2024 Anime Merch and Nakama Events

Next AMN Event Details

Advance Tickets from $5

Cosplay| Standard Advance| Nakama| Pirate Crew

Sunday 8 December 2024

This is how we end the year

10am - 5pm

It's never enough time

To Be Confirmed

New venue, same fun crowd

Anime Merchant Seller

Get your collection of anime themed t-shirts, hoodies, figurines, necklaces and other accessories.

Gaming Galore

Tekken 8 | Street Fighter 6 | Naruto Ninja Storm 4

Anime Screenings

Join the community to help us decide what we watch

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