OTAKUKON is the first Anime Convention in Zimbabwe that will be launched in August of 2023. Otaku Konnect is a Zimbabwean organization whose mission is to create an environment for fans of Japanese animation (anime), Japanese graphic novels (manga), related gaming and Japanese pop-culture to share and learn from one another through community based events and conventions. Otaku Konnect’s main annual event, Otakukon, is the annual gathering and realization of this commitment. Our goal as Otaku Konnect is to grow the community that appreciates Japanese pop culture within Zimbabwe.

In 2023, we have hosted a single event that was a movie watch-day event combined with a merch fair as well as gaming and cosplay competitions. Our first event saw an attendance of 85 attendees.

With the aim of growing the community and providing safe and enjoyable events for fans of Japanese pop culture, Otaku Konnect aims to host a mini event bi-monthly, aiming at the various sub-sectors within the demography.



  • To grow OtakuKon into the biggest anime and manga focused convention in Africa
  • To grow Otakukon into a 3-day event that hosts regional and international guests
  • To grow the anime community in Zimbabwe
  • To create a framework for the expansion and growth of Esports in Zimbabwe
  • To promote local art & artists creating manga, anime and related work
Attendees at Anime Merch & Nakama: April 2023
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