Zimbabwe’s first Anime convention returns! 

A full day festival celebrating Anime, manga, cosplay and gaming

We are...

...away from the next OTAKUKON

We are ready for the second year of OTAKUKON!!

Welcome to OTAKUKON, the first ever Anime convention held in Zimbabwe. We thrive to create a safe ecosystem for fans and lovers of Japanese animation, comic books, pop culture, and gaming to met. This has naturally also given rise to wonderful and growing cosplay community within Zimbabwe.

OTAKUKON is held annually. We also have several community events throughout the year aimed at growing the different subsets within otaku culture in Zimbabwe. Prepare to join a thriving population of individuals who love some of the things you love.

Otakukon 2024 ticket prices


Home for All Otaku

Zimbabwe's first Anime Convention Returns

As we come in for year 2, we aim to improve on last years event and provide all around fun events for everyone. The event that Zimbabwean Otaku will not want to miss is coming.

Sunday 4 August 2024

Unity day fun with Otaku Konnect

Venue To Be Advised

We're looking for a cool place to host you this year

Anime, Cosplay, Gaming, Panels, Screenings

Activities to capture any OTAKU

We have activities for every Otaku, come and share your fandom with us.

Whether you are into binge-watching the most obscure anime or have a room full of anime and manga collectibles, we will have something for you. If gaming is more your thing, we will have a room that you won't want to leave but the people are what we are interested in in the most


Fun Zones


merch sellers

Anyone say Anime Merch?

OTAKUKON is built on amazing friendships with local anime merchant sellers and creates the perfect place to find them all.

Break the piggy bank and bring all your savings and you'll be left with no remorse. All manner of merch from jewellery, figurines, clothing and props are available.

Throughout 2023, OTAKUKON worked with more than 10 anime merchants and an equal number of artists and comic book authors to bring the best buyers experience to otaku community that attended our events. 2024 will be no different, we hope to see more sellers and artists take part in the OTAKUKON Artist Alley

Attending Merchants


Having worked with over 10 anime merch sellers and artists in 2023, there will be a lot of options and variety for first time collectors and veterans alike for 2024. Applications are open.


If you want to attend in cosplay, then you get to enjoy a discounted entry price for the first Otakukon. If you prefer to be on the sidelines and watch you can enjoy our competition catwalk event


Throughout the event we will have several anime screenings in the Theatre upstairs. This will a combination of iconic episodes from this season and past seasons of anime as well as a movie


We have several panels prepared to benfit industries enthusiasts and hopefuls. If you want to know how the Zimbabwe ani-manga scene is progressing you won't want to miss these.


Saikyo wa dareda! We are looking for the strongest in multiple gaming disciplines including Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 6


We have a few surprise launches happening during the Otakukon event from local creators. We also share news and updates on the 2023 game launches

Register today for the Pirate Crew (group of 10) ticket at price of $50

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