OTAKUKON Vendor Application

Otaku Konnect bring you OTAKUKON 2024, The second edition of Zimbabwe’s full day anime convention.

OTAKUKON is an explosion of experience, a festival of fun, cosplay, gaming and a lot of friend-making. We provide a no judgment zone and collective meet up location for all Zimbabwean Otaku and fans of Japanese pop culture in general.

The festival offers a great place to meet fans of your work if you are a merchant, crafter, author or artist within the Otaku and nerd space. Enjoy being able to come dressed as your favourite fictional character, make new Nakama and enjoy a multitude of outdoor games and fun with everyone else.

If you are a merchant or a crafter outside of the nerd space but feel you can can find customers within our youthful and urban attendees, then we open up this opportunity to you as well!

Please complete the form for consideration to be a vendor at the next OTAKUKON event. Applications for OTAKUKON 2024 tables close on 31 May 2024. Feedback will be returned to applicants by 30 June 2024. We may open up merchant applications for a second round but this is subject to how many tables are taken in the first window.

For all tables, Otaku Konnect will provide a table, 2 chairs and entry for 2 individuals. Merchants must bring their own decorative materials and props.

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