All over the world, eSports has been growing into a professionally recognised activity. Having seen the growth of gaming in Zimbabwe, especially offline and online gaming, we would like to contribute.

What is currently missing from the Zimbabwean framework of gamers is not talented individuals, it is an ecosystem within which we can game competitively and identify the best among us. Throughout 2023, we included gaming and gaming tournaments at all of our events. This allowed gamers to proudly be a part of our otaku culture.

Starting in January of 2024, Otaku Konnect will be hosting gaming events under the banner of OTAKUKON eSports. The main goal is to turn gaming into an industry in Zimbabwe and increase representation at Regional and international events. 


OTAKUKON Gamers Meet

in 2024, it’s very important for us to build a community around Zimbabwean gamers. We want to turn OTAKUKON eSports into one of the biggest and most consistent eSports leagues in Zimbabwe and then on the continent. We will start with community building, giving each other a place to call home as gamers.

We can only improve at gaming but interacting with and experiencing better gamers. We can only create a bigger and stronger eSports ecosystem if we do it together. Join us in 2024 as we grow gaming in Zimbabwe, as we work to expose local gamers to newer titles, newer gaming strategies and newer technology.

As this is based on community building, we would appreciate anything that one wants to bring to the forefront of Gaming in Zimbabwe.

eFootball : Zimbabwe's First Regional Qualifier Event

Registration of eSports Teams & individuals

OTAKUKON will be registering both teams and individuals into the eSports program. There will be different benefits that come with registration under each class. Take advantage and join so that we can grow this ecosystem together.

Register an eSports Team

Our team registration is open for teams of 4 and above. Can you put together a strong group of athletes that can dominate the eSports sector in Zimbabwe? By registering a team you will be able to attend team only invitationals and you will have guaranteed discounts to 

Register as an eSports Athlete

If you are more of a lone ranger and would like to register as an individual player you can register as an eSports athlete. You will be able to take part in individual player tournaments and grow your way to the top. Are you the strongest player in the game of your choice?

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