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If you are an anime fan living in Zimbabwe, you might have heard of Otaku Peddler, a local online store that sells anime merchandise and custom hoodies. Otaku Peddler is more than just a business, it is a community of passionate anime lovers who want to share their fandom with others. Surprisingly, this is the oldest among the currently active anime merchants, with Facebook posts showing they have been active from as far back as 2015. That would make them almost 10 years in the business.

Otaku Peddler Anime Store Logo
Otaku Peddler Anime Store Logo

Otaku Peddler was founded by Archie Moyo, who wanted to create something unique and fun for the Zimbabwean otaku market. He started was because he couldn’t find any anime merch locally and ordering into Zimbabwe was impossible. While the anime market was very small then, Archie thought creating the merch would definitely scratch an itch in Zimbabwe. They started by making their own anime hoodies, tees and sweaters, using high-quality materials and printing techniques.

Otaku Peddler Embroidered Hoodies

After a long silence, Otaku Peddler came back onto the scene in 2020 with a focus on anime-themed embroidered hoodies. OP was looking for an execution on clothing that would last longer than the average print and embroidery felt perfect. Embroidery also allowed the Otaku peddler team to constantly offer variety and even go as far as making unique customizations. Starting off with $30 hoodies, they have been able to reduce prices to $25 through improvements in their supply chain. In addition, they now offer premium quality hoodies as a higher priced option for $40. Not the most affordable but we can vouch for their quality.

Printed T-shirts

Otaku Peddler has also added t-shirts to their catalog in recent times. All in trying to ensure that they are constantly supplying their market in all seasons throughout the years. The t-shirts they make largely feature vibrant colours and striking designs; definitely made for the flamboyant otaku. Zimbabwean anime fans are guaranteed to find something unique when ordering from OP.

Anime Figurines

As of October 2022, Otaku Peddler also started sourcing anime figurines and accessories from around the world. The figurines capture various price points with figurines starting from as low as $5 to as high as $30. If you are a collector, then their catalog is definitely where you want to spend the majority of you days.

Cosplay and accessories (props)

While Otaku Peddler declare that they are in no way a major player on the local cosplay scene, they do tend to provide lighter cosplay items, focusing more on cosplay items that can be work in public settings outside of anime events. They have supplied Akatsuki coats, Fourth Hokage coats, Demon Slayer haori as well as Naruto jonin jackets and accessories like realistic looking kunai.

Otaku Peddler Online presence and Selling Medium

Otaku Peddler has a strong online presence, with Facebook , YouTube channel³ and TikTok accounts⁴. OP posts regular updates on their products, as well as videos and memes related to anime culture. They also interact with their customers and fans, taking feedback and suggestions for new designs and items. They currently sell the majority of their products through social media (especially Whatsapp Business). The wish is to one day have a brick and mortar store to add more to anime culture in Zimbabwe.

Otaku Peddler claims that they are more than just a store, they are a lifestyle. OP is determined to become a way of expressing yourself and your love for anime. It is a way of connecting with other otakus and making new friends. It is a way of supporting local talent and creativity.

If you are looking for anime merchandise that is affordable, high-quality and original, look no further than Otaku Peddler. You will not be disappointed by their products or their service. Visit their Facebook page or call them at 077 121 1756 to place your order today.

Otaku Peddler will be at Anime Merch and Nakama 2, held at Green Screen cinema on the 25th of June. They were present for the first installment of the event and provided great product variety for attendees. Remember to purchase your tickets early and take advantage of our group discounted tickets.

Anime Convention Zimbabwe ticket prices
Pricing for Anime Merch and Nakama 2 with the group discounts

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