OTAKUKON eSports Invitationals: A guide

We recently advertised the first of our OTAKUKON eSports Invitationals: The Winter invitational. This is OTAKUKON eSport’s first gaming invitational and hopefully the first of many. This event and many others are designed to be a build up to large events with a significant prize pool. The Major tournaments happen twice a year.

Otakukon esports winter invitational
Otakukon esports winter invitational

How it's Structured

  • Invitational tournaments are hosted monthly by OTAKUKON.
  • People get a chance to play a significant number of games in a low entry-cost tournament.
  • This tournament is designed to be a points accumulation event; gamers attend to gain points and increase their standing on the OTAKUKON eSports roster.
  • Invitational tournaments are two-pronged: league and knockout all in the same day.

What is the League Stage?

  • Everyone gets a chance to play multiple games against multiple opponents.
  • Each game will have multiple mini leagues, games in each mini league are round-robin based.
  • Points accumulation starts at this stage. 10 points for a win; 5 points for a loss.

OTAKUKON eSports Invitationals Knockout Stage

  • Knockout tournament stage will take the 16 best participants at league stage
  • The knockout stage participants may change depending on the size of the original league stage pool; 8 if we have less people and 32 if we have a lot.
  • As the name suggests, a loss means elimination from this stage.
  • Knockout stage will offer participants higher points; 50 points for a win, 20 points for a loss.
  • Knockout stage finals points are higher: 100 points to the eventual winner and 75 points to the runner up.

The Biggest Gaming Event of the Year

This year, we would like to host 5 to 10 of invitationals by December 2023. At peak, 2 a month would be amazing. When December comes, the top 16 players for each game will be invited to play a last 16 event at OTAKUKON 2023. Think Red Bull Kumite (but with less money). The tables for registered gamers are already up on the website https://otakukon.com/zimbabwe-esports-directory/ and will be updated within 48 hours of each invitational


Is there a prize for winning an invitational?

The invitational events currently do not have prizes for the winners. As sponsorship for events grows we will be able to provide prizes for invitational events

Am I penalized for missing out on an invitational event?

No, you can choose which invitationals you wish to attend as long as you can accumulate enough points for an invitation to finals.

Can anyone come to an invitational event?

Invitationals are open to all gamers as long as you are registered as an eSports athlete with OTAKUKON. Registration can be done here

How do I know how many points I have accumulated in a season?

All athletes points are uploaded on the Athletes roster. Game specific points are available on the Athletes points Table

Are points updated in real time?

Points are not updated in real time. All points accumulated at invitationals will be updated onto tables and rosters within 48 hours of an event.

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