Animaniac Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Anime Merch

Animaniac Zimbabwe is an merchandise company based in Harare, Zimbabwe, They provide Anime, Gaming, Kpop, Marvel and DC merch for all Zimbabweans across the country! They also recently opened a branch in Bulawayo!(Shop 47, Haddon and Sly building)

Animaniac Zimbabwe provides one of the widest and most affordable range of products for the growing anime community in the country and beyond. With their selection of apparel, accessories, collectibles and more from all genres of Japanese animation they are sure to have something for every fan! From iconic characters like Naruto Uzumaki or Goku from Dragon Ball to lesser-known gems such as That time I got reincarnated as a Slime, – whatever your fandom may be you can find it all here at Animania Zimbabwe!

Hoodies and T-shirts

If you’re looking for an anime themed hoodie, you can be best assured that you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for as they work with one of their favourite collaborators (Otaku Peddler) to provide customers with exactly what they need, from vinyl prints to premium embroidery.
All customers also have the chance to create a custom design for their apparel

Anime themed Tech

Animaniac Zimbabwe have vowed to not just provide All Zim Weebs with accessories they love, but more importantly accessories and tech they can use in day to day life to make their lives much easier, beginning with the Pokémon Powerbank for the communities struggling with electricity problem(Pikachu for the win!)


We have one of the widest ranges of accessories to cater for every anime fan. From formal and casual bracelets, stainless steel Rings, stainless steel necklaces, wallets and more!


As a proud supporter of Otakus’s everywhere, Animaniac Zimbabwe also provides cosplays for those who want to fully display their love for the art of anime and manga, as well as culture film Marvel, DC, Kpop and The gaming world.


As of today, Animaniac Zimbabwe just reached and passed 2000 Group members, 2000 Tik tok followers and 1 700 Instagram and Threads followers!!!

(Link to the animaniac group link below)

This was only possible with the customers who are one of the most supportive communities to ever exist, there are a total of 3 Animaniac groups, 2 for Harare and one for Bulawayo and they are expanding more as we speak!

They also create content for Zimbabweans to enjoy that they can relate more to than from other countries with their various YouTube videos, giveaways and anime themed vlogs!

Here is the Link to Animaniac Zimbabwe’s YouTube, Instagram and more!

Show off your geeky style with pride today

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