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Join us and learn more about the amazing teams that make OTAKUKON run.  Being a volunteer at OTAKUKON is also a great way to gain experience and exposure to a variety of different situations and environments.  Some of these may even be a great fit for your resume or give you new skills to work with in your everyday job .  We are always looking for hard working, dedicated individuals who want to broaden their horizons and make a difference for the communities that they belong to.   

Below is a list of the different divisions or teams that are available to general volunteers.  Many of these teams are great options for first timers or volunteers looking to get involved and want to do more.  


This division is made up of two teams who manage the planning, programming, and execution of gaming events and tournaments at OTAKUKON.  These teams operate for extended periods of time at the event and often use a shift schedule to manage resources.  Both teams are flexible, friendly, and are able to accommodate most schedule requests.

Electronic Gaming (EGT) focuses on electronic gaming which includes console games and our on-site arcade.   It also oversees the area for tournament and non-tournament play.  This team also handles the assignment, use and maintenance of gaming systems for all events and supports our tournament partners in conducting large competitive play events.  If you’re a gamer or an avid eSports fan, this is the team for you.

Tabletop Gaming (TGT) focuses on tabletop gaming which includes a wide variety of roleplaying, board, and card games.  This team oversees structured and freeplay tabletop play events ranging from 30 Seconds, Mzansi Magic both competitive and casual.  Like the EGT, this team also supports our tournament partners in conducting large competitive play events.  If you’re a fan of tabletop roleplay or competitive gaming, this team will keep you close to the action all Event long. 


This team is responsible for running our cosplay contests, programming, and events.  This team is best for individuals who are cosplay enthusiasts and enjoy working with others on front-facing aspects of the event.  Pre-contest and event setup, attendee management, cosplay talent handling and support, event support, and multi-team coordination are common things team members will do on this staff.  This team is also highly organized and lends itself well to individuals who want to volunteer but also have time to enjoy other parts of OTAKUKON when major cosplay events are not happening.   If you enjoy cosplay, are a maker or aspiring maker, love to meet new people. or simply enjoy watching something you had a hand in producing, this is the team for you.


OTAKUKON aims to be a family friendly event that also caters for new and non anime fans by providing a fun and exciting carnival-esque area. The team here will manage the area and ensure that there’s a fair and fun environment where everyone gets a chance to play and have fun. Some games will require activity tokens for access to the games. This area will need people who are into people interactions and dealing with children.


This team is focused primarily on managing artists who are in the OTAKUKON Artist Alley.   It is responsible for the check-in and check-out for all of our participating artists and providing any assistance they need while operating in the artist alley. Additionally, this team monitors and manages artist compliance with all Artist Alley rules and regulations.  Due to how small the OTAKUKON Artist Alley is, the team members of this department will be paired with other departments to enable them to make the best use of their time and enjoy access to more of the convention.


This team is responsible for assisting our social media team with monitoring our social media and digital communications channels.  Additionally, this team will also assist the OTAKUKON team with posting content provided by our photography and film crews throughout the weekend.  Individuals interested in this team should be outgoing and comfortable in a customer service or communications role.  Volunteers who excel on this team may also be given the opportunity to continue working with us beyond the event in a greater capacity.  If  you’re looking for some marketing or social media job experience, this is definitely the team for you.


This team is responsible for collecting photographic and video footage of the event to be used for future marketing materials, advertising, and archiving. Team members will be provided a schedule of events to collect material from, as well as general event interactions. In addition, they are responsible for processing, organizing, and delivering the photographs to our marketing and social teams. All applicants must be able to bring and use their own equipment.


This team works with our on-site partners to help manage and facilitate sales efforts at OTAKUKON such as registration, merchandise sales, and sales exceptions.  This team works best for individuals who have strong communication skills, enjoy meeting new people, and thrive in dynamic retail environments.  Common tasks for this staff include registering new attendees, providing customer support for registration questions and problems, answering general questions for attendees, and overseeing the sale of goods OTAKUKON offers.  This team supports flexible scheduling and works well for individuals who want to attend evening events.  If you enjoy working with people, have retail experience, and have strong communication and customer service skills, this is the team for you.

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