OTAKUKON Anime Festival Tickets – Sunday 4 August 2024


Oue 2024 theme is, “Chunnin Exams”

OTAKUKON Anime Festival 2024 is the second iteration of Zimbabwe’s first-ever anime convention. Our convention boasts a safe and fun environment for fans of Japanese animation (anime), manga, related gaming, and Japanese pop culture. 2024 has more gaming and educational content for all looking to actively join the anime ecosystem commercially.

OTAKUKON Anime Festival is a project by Otaku Konnect and our goal is to grow the community that appreciates Japanese pop culture within Zimbabwe.

Join us for the second year of Zimbabwe’s only Full day anime convention. Our theme this year is “Chunnin Exams” and we have great activities to go with it. Make sure to follow our socials for updates and information on all the events and activities on the day!

Attendee Ticket Types

Genin (Standard Normie), ANBU (Cosplay), Ninja Academy (Junior Otaku), Jonin (SuperFan), Nakama, Pirate Crew


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