Welcome to OTAKUKON
Anime Convention Zimbabwe

13 August 2023

Zimbabwe’s first convention celebrating anime, manga, gaming and Cosplay


Exciting Day

Get ready for Otakukon 2023

In the first ever anime convention in Zimbabwe, we are getting ready for a fully packed day of incredible nerdness for all Zimbabwean Otaku.

Sunday 13 August 2023

Tuesday - Friday 15 - 20 August, 2022

Reps Theatre

Queenbay Mall 4217 Nickel Road, NYC

Anime, Cosplay, Gaming

John Cooper Founder / Author

We have activities for every Otaku, come and share your fandom with us.

Whether you are into binge-watching the most obscure anime or have a room full of anime and manga collectibles, we will have something for you. If gaming is more your thing, we will have a room that you won't want to leave but the people are what we are interested in in the most



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